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The word prostitute as you all know is in reality the term coined by Scarlot Harlot, a prostitute and activist who resided in San Francisco. The term sex worker as everyone knows now, became renowned in the year 1970s. The cities of Amsterdam, Louisiana colony and San Francisco have been introduced to these women.

There has been immense talk with relation to the New Orleans becoming the America’s largest red light district. The initiation of the same dates back to the 1721 year, when 700 men inhabited it. The French Government sent 80 women via sea, so that the men could marry them and won’t have sex with Native American women. However, when these women arrived at the city, they found that the sex trade was associated with more freedom as compared to arranged marriages.

As of present in accordance with the US laws, prostitution is considered illegal. The exceptions are the some countries in Nevada. There are Federal, State and Local laws which are based on jurisdiction rules.

  • The federal prostitution law is applicable when the act of prostitution is associated with non citizen alien or is beyond the international or state boundaries. It is considered human trafficking, and is prohibited by federal code and the 13the Amendment of US constitution.
  • The state prostitution law is bifurcated into urban state law and rural state law. The later has stricter consequences. In fact, there is severe punishment for repeated offenders.
  • Local laws can add the ordinances in accordance with the nature of the state’s own constitutions.
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