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Breach of Contract

If circumstances are forcing you to breach a contract instead of fulfilling your obligations, or if someone you have contracted with is not living up to their responsibilities, it is time to get in touch with a contract attorney. The penalties for failing to fulfill your duties under a contract can be a significant financial burden, and the costs of dealing with another party’s failure to deliver under a contract can also be a major legal and financial hassle.

A breach of contract occurs when one party to a contract refuses to comply with the terms of the contract or refuses to perform the duties called for under the contract. If one party interferes with the other party, preventing them from performing their contracted duties, that can also be considered a breach of contract.

How a Contract Lawyer Can Help

It’s common to wonder if you should take action against the other party when a breach of contract occurs. Usually, the more specific the contract is the easier the breach will be to prove. Utilizing breach of contract legal services can help you minimize your financial penalties if you are considering a breach of contract, and can provide sound strategies and legal recourse if you are the injured party.

If you are the party breaching the contract, there is always a slight possibility that the other party won’t take legal action against you although the chances are slim. Before you end up in court over a breach of contract, you should meet with a contract lawyer to find out how you can best defend your position.

Most attorneys will let you know up front if they don’t think it would be a worth taking your breach of contract case to court. If you feel that the other party to your contract has failed to perform, there are a few questions you should ask yourself before you decide to hire a contract lawyer:

  • Have you tried to solve the problem with the other party in lieu of taking legal action?
  • How valuable is the contract to you and what will be your financial loss?
  • What are the court fees and the fees of a contract attorney and is it worth it to you to assume those costs to pursue the other party for a breach of contract?
  • Have you completely honored your own responsibilities under the contract, or it is likely the other party will accuse you of breaching the contract as well?
  • Are there any opt-out clauses in the contract that allow the other party to legally terminate the contract?
  • Is the contract written or verbal? Your rights are always clearer under a written contract.
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