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Lemon Law

Lemon laws are state laws that provide a remedy for purchasers of cars that repeatedly fail to meet standards of quality and performance. These cars are called lemons and the federal lemon law protects citizens of all states. State lemon laws vary by state and may not necessarily cover used or leased cars. The rights afforded to consumers by lemon laws may exceed the warranties expressed in purchase contracts. In most states, the state lemon law provides for a full refund or a replacement vehicle (less a reasonable allowance for use) and attorney’s fees and costs if the consumer prevails. ‘Lemon law’ is the common nickname for these laws, but each state has different names for the laws and acts. At the core of most lemon laws is the manufacturer’s breach of warranty. A manufacturer’s warranty is what makes the manufacturer legally responsible for repairs to the consumer’s vehicle or good.

The United States Government has consumer information on car warranties, recalls, and lemon laws. The law imposes these obligations on the manufacturer, the seller or both as a matter of public policy. Lemon laws vary from state to state, so accurate information on the scope and restrictions of lemon laws in a particular state should be obtained from an attorney practicing in that state.

How an Experienced Lawyer Can Help

You can try to resolve a lemon law issue on your own, but chances are you will end up with less of a settlement than what you would get with an experienced lawyer. Depending on the lemon law in your state, the deals and manufacturers are required to take certain initial steps. Lemon law lawyers do this type of work every day and know the detailed process for getting your claim approved and either getting you a new vehicle or your money back.

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